Temi Fusing Flavours – Another Fusion Tale of Seers from Temi

Smile & Twinkle

Kiwi Guava Apple and Orange

The bliss hill they call the Temi Blorange …
Temi forays into the novel, heedful & venturous craft of blending tea with the addendum to its plate of multiplying surprises.

Kiwi, Guava, Apple & Orange ….
The great poet Douglas of yesteryears reminds us of a pied piper of a never-forgotten era of rolled up fusion

How deftly does the gardener blend
This rose and that
To bud a new creation,
More gorgeous and more beautiful
Than any parent portion,
And so,I trace within my warring blood
The tributary sources,
They potently commingle
And sweep With new-born forces!

Smile & Twinkle, Smile & Twinkle ….”

The story at Temi has a chapter added to it with precision & passion. Tea leaves that are lovingly and carefully handpicked, are harvested with the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure their separate flavours come through…. hear this out …. fact about tea that lends itself to the numerous options we have available is this: tea absorbs the flavour of almost anything. And tea blending is a common process that is used to keep our taste buds guessing at new flavours, and ensure we can recognize the old ones.

Tea blending was originally intended to mask inconsistencies in the flavour of batches of tea.

The story at Temi is startlingly different.

As the flavour of the final tea is so dependent elsewhere on the growing conditions of the plant, a batch of tea made from leaves picked on a sunny day can taste entirely different from a batch of tea made with leaves picked on a rainy day. Season to season, day to day, any changes in the climate or handling can result in big changes to flavour, and producers don’t want that. They want a tea that their customers can easily recognize, tea that is consistent in taste, colour and quality. So they turned to blend ….

Ah blending at Temi has its own original yarn – it’s like beading one rose with another the mole hills do become the mountains as it becomes a discovery with Temi Tea with its own originality maintaining its unique “Flag of Resurrection”.

Most people, when they hear of “tea blending,” assume that it is done to create flavoured teas like Chocolate Mint, or Apple Spice. Blending is where flavoured teas come from, but many a connoisseur fail to realise that the majority of black tea is also blended. To ensure that their teas will be consistent many producers mix a variety of black teas together, it helps to even out the taste and makes the tea more reliable.

At Temi the blending of Kiwi, Apple Guava & Orange are done by hand. It’s mixed in with the drying leaves.When tea at Temi is hand blended it results in beautiful creations of an unique flavour – reminds us of a Rose getting beaded to another rose while nature is garlanded with myriad experiences that’s futuristic perennial ….

Enjoy our new blends from Temi thus & we salute the distinct identity that always remains as a hall mark.

My ode while I sign off

The vast blue ranges dotted against the cherry blossoms during this time of year at Temi makes a different world- besides being an enduring metaphor for the ephemeral nature of living by the day

What when the world concurs that you weigh more or equal to your fill in kindness,
What when green leaves turn crimson at your blushes-

What when the garden-rain brings in chirps of the wasps who befriended the sweetest bird with a broken leg…..
We do cry out with Beatles “A day in the life” then ?

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