Green Tea Extract Helps You Lose Weight

green-tea-temiThe popularity of drinking tea has exponentially increased. According to, to the Tea Association in The US, over 158 million and around 165 million in the US and Great Britain drink tea, daily, respectively. In the Australian market, tea accounts for 13% of the overall hot drinks value of sales in 2014, according to the Euromonitor website.

There are many benefits of drinking tea. For one, it can help boost the immune system, as documented by the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University. Secondly, tea can rehydrate the body.

Per report from the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the caffeine content in the tea, in 200 to 250 ml of fluid, is not correlated to excessive fluid loss of dehydration. Dehydration happens when the caffeine is used in high doses or bolus. However, when it is at the minimum level, 200-250 ml, this is not significant. (Huffingtonpost, 2014).

Similarly, for those who are trying to lose weight, can also benefit from drinking green tea extract. According to the research study “Beneficial effects of green tea extract: A Literature Review,” 2010, authors, Chacko, et a.l., reported that human studies indicated that drinking green tea and green tea extract may help reduce the body weight, mainly body fat, by increasing postprandial thermogenesis and fat oxidation. (US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health).

Vital Nutrients

Green tea extract contains a significant phytochemical called polyphenol called epigallocatechin-3-gallate, or EGCG. The research findings revealed that the six overweight men, who were given 300 mg of EGCG for every two days. They have the potential to increase fat oxidation or burning of fats.

Green tea’s contribution to anti-obesity is vital. What remains a challenge for those who want to see the  promising results of green tea in relation to weight loss, is the brand or type of green tea extract to purchase. There are many competing brands in the market today, both online and offline and picking one can be difficult.

Temi Green Tea

Lush green gradient slopes of Temi Tea Estate are perfect for the world fine black and green tea. The green tea is prepared by the days when the pluckers bring the fine green leaves which are then taken in for steaming rolling and drying. This gives a right mix of exposure for gentle oxidation during rolling and not a strong fermentation like the Orthodox Temi Black Tea.

The Temi green tea is not only 100% organic but also uses processes which are sans use of pan frying. Temi green tea is loaded with antioxidants and aids brain function, fat loss and the risk of cancer. Temi green tea is a perfect cup relisted as flowery liquor with a gooseberry after taste.

The Organic World Congress (OWC) & Temi

The 19th Organic World Congress 2017 with its august presence & the interesting hullaballoo it raised discussed a few topics of utmost interest & future voyeurism. The congregation did attract a mix of personalities from the higher echelon. I could see & felt pride with the Chief Minister of Sikkim adorning the diocese & then we had the heads including the MD of Temi & tea experts across the world painting the congress-canvas proud.
My bread & butter is bought from the shops of progressional Governance & my profession takes me to far off kingdoms I always consider my own. Temi Tea is one such kingdom that will devour you with the experiences of life to the lees.

The garden spread across the shivalik range brings to you chants from heaven. The produce is organic since the gardens first produced the clonal way back 40 years ago.

The majesty & the majestic aura surrounding the Tea Estate would fill you imaginations & vision leading to blissful chaos of the human senses….
I take pride in being part of the watershed activities the tea estate has witnessed of late.

I take pride in being part of the local tribe & the tea pluckers who will bring joy to you in spheres that are unbounded.

Temi Tea Estate has a pedestal which is innovation oriented. It expects & promises ongoing improvements by the operators. It foresees system changes so that more diversity in organic assurance is normal.
It asks for fairness and empowerment of the weakest and it advocates for true pricing.

The paradigm shift from Organic 2.0 to Organic 3.0 is a change in the culture of the movement and addresses the attitudes of the stakeholders. This was the larger discussion that held people’s attention at the world congress held last week in Delhi.

temi tea participation in Organic World Congress 2017

Temi promises a reform of structures and institutions by all stakeholders and it requires new strategic foci of messaging. It needs the works support to come across as the best estate with all elements the world over
The results of the OWC 2017 main track discussions need a synthesis and guidance on actions to turn this concept into reality.

I & Temi would run for a consensus that we get a synthesis on the main track results in order to facilitate the concerted take home messages for all OWC participants & Temi would be in the vanguard of all activities to boot.
God was kind enough to gift Temi the best of the mundane & heavenly surroundings – to complement & rule the principles of optimization I have seen the baton holders with the managing director of the Tea estate take the main lead —striving to achieve the intents bone to bone.

Thus Temi in the current scenario will try to achieve the overall goal to contribute to solving problems and exploring potentials in order to increase effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of organic farming.

Regularly highlight outstanding innovations and to incentivize organic innovations among researchers, extension agents and practitioners would be a mainstay going forward.

Temi boastingly qualifies on the following criterion fulfillment:

Innovative: are new in their context
Applicability: are applicable to organic farming, processing and trade
Relevant: are relevant for solving real problems or exploring new potentials
Impact potential: have the potential to have a great impact.

For the common pairs of eyes of the larger gathering you would be missing on a pearl if you do not visit the tea estate at least once in your life time. God bless Temi Tea Estate – Way to go.