Factory Tour

One of the region’s best-kept secrets is the Temi Tea Factory. It is here that the wondrous and organic produce of the garden is turned into a fine collection of tea. The visit to the factory gives an inside peek to those interested in knowing tea processing methods.

Best known for its black teas, the tea estate started the mass manufacturing of its teas in 1977. Over the years, the estate has grown to bring nearly 500 acres of the mountainside under tea plantation. Apart from the certified clonal varieties of bushes that Temi Tea Estate has, there are also plants from the chinary seeds which help the estate grow teas of flavoured varieties. It is worth visiting and assessing this decades-old factory to understand where one of the world’s finest tea varieties is produced.

Heritage Memory

One of the most notable aspects of Temi Tea Garden is its surrounding natural beauty. The last King – Chogyal – of Sikkim established the tea estate at Temi over 376 hectares with elevation between 4,800 and 6,400 feet to provide employment to refugees along the Silk Route, coming down from Sikkim. He converted 440 acres of land into a sprawling tea plantation. Here in the land of towering mountains, thick pines and oak, he planted this lush stretch on the loamy soil of this gentle slope. With the magnificent view of the Kanchenjunga, the estate spreads below towards a heritage resort whose garden still houses the first two tea bushes planted by the king himself. The resort, operated by the government, is called the Temi resort.

Organic Temi Tea

Back in 2008, Temi Tea was certified as an Organic Tea Estate. With this outstanding recognition, Temi Tea today is famed for its tradition, history and exclusivity, around the world.

With the purpose to serve every tea drinker organic, healthy, high quality tea, we have taken an array of tea varieties to the market. Ranging from orthodox tea black and its range in green, oolong and white tea, these options are from the high elevation of Himalayas.
With major focus on sustainability, we work to protect our environment and develop our workforce to strengthen the government undertaking of Organic Sikkim. The first organic tea produce from the country, Temi Tea has achieved many milestones and has proven to be among the finest in tea. From earliest tea to now, Temi has proudly retained its legacy, character and aroma.

Temi Tea Sikkim 2019 Manhunt Auditions

From Acting to Theories of Economics: The Temi Tea Sikkim 2019 Manhunt Auditions was more than just about walking the walk.

To begin with, a theme like “Building Entrepreneurship Ecosystem” for a fashion show already has an unusual ring to it. But again, to expect a fashion show to be all about seasons, is almost like expecting Temi to be only about tea. For the brand and estate, Temi, existent since 1969 has always been more than about its exclusive flavours of tea.

It has, in the past, created opportunities for tourism, supported other tea brands from Sikkim and has always mentored entrepreneurs creating an environment for sustainable business and has provided support to the varied new ventures of the state. Once again, intentioned to bring the various entrepreneurs of Sikkim to work together, The Temi Tea Sikkim 2019 worked as a vantage point for photographers, branding professionals, event managers and other professionals. The Event Head, Yougan Tamang, spoke of creating a whole fashion project hereon that will, in the future, bring many other participating entrepreneurs to the surface. A first-step to creating an industry in the future, various other creative ventures, film industry and agencies, craft bazaars, tourism can all be boosted.

More than a Fashion Audition

When the judges came together the one thing they all agreed upon was that, any man who represents the state would have be handsome inside. With over 300 registrations and 200 men making it to the venue, picking out the best few was a task for the judges as much as it was, a moment to prove themselves for the contestants. Taking the men out of their comfort zones, they were put into various make-belief situations where they’d need to act their way out. Other than that, one sang, one exhibited his taekwondo moves, another one rapped. Perhaps, not everyone was made of the model stuff, but each had something unique. Who’s in and who’s out, only depends on what the five judges would have to say. Of course, needless to say, there were the glamorous poses and shirtless ramp walks and camera poses. But all in all, what the audition really was purposed for, was to see those who were more than just meeting the physical requirements of being a model. From theories of economics to singing self-composed songs, the men had to bare their true selves. After all, it is also handsomeness that is more than skin deep.

Sip, relax & chill

Sip, relax & chill image

A resort tucked away in the hills along with activities like tea-plucking and paragliding forms the focus of Eeo Adventure Resorts and the Burra Bungalow Sikkim project launched to boost tea tourism in Sikkim.

The project was launched by Arijit Dutta, managing director, Priya Entertainments Pvt Ltd, along with representatives from the
Sikkim government— Mrinalini Shrrtastava, managing director, Temi Tea and Rahul Banerjee, consultant and advisor.

The Temi story dates back to late 1960s when the King of Sikkim gave refuge to displaced neighbours along the Silk Route and helped them setup a tea estate over an expanse of 376 hectares of land creating some of die brews finest flavours. The tea garden lies between Damthang and Temi Bazaar towards Singtam with the Burra Bungalow’ being the centre of attraction of the Temi Tourism Project.

The Burra Bungalow will be furnished with heritage fittings to serve about
five rooms and additional cottages for accommodation. While at Temi, not only would one get the opportunity to relax and unwind in the timeless bungalow and its surroundings, but also soak in the beauty of the garden and enjoy pIucking tea leaves to brew tea.

Namchi is a major destination for tourists where the hot water thermal springs and cherry trees that blossom in November have motivated Temi authorities to organise the cherry blossom festival or autumn festival beginning from this year. Driving through these trees that are in full bloom is like moving through a pink mist beyond, which one can glimpse the gleaming snow-capped peak of Khangchendzonga.

The project will also present hill eco-adventure tourist attractions as well
as entertainment in the form of a planned casino for the tourists.

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