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Temi is a small village situated in South-East Sikkim. The Himalayan Ranges covered with green and thick rain-forests and varied coloured flowers and birds makes this place a heaven on Earth. The wonderful Temi Tea garden adds to the splendour.

The Estate is located in South East Sikkim, adjacent to Rabongla, a place which is not an unusual attraction for foreigners and travellers from around the world. This place has a geographical advantage of the Soulful view of the inexplicable Mount Kanchenjunga. An open corridor between the Mountain and Temi makes a clear and picturesque view possible. Temi is also the perfect place to view the entire Himalayan Range of Sikkim from various viewpoints.

The gravel roads and the mystique thoroughfare not much wider than a pathway, smoothly runs ahead. You could even mistake it for a grey river with slow currents had the orange and yellow fallen leaves of autumn not remained static on it. Lined by trees in fall colours, just like the old advertisement of the Lakme winter care lotion, where a woman from one car makes faces at a child in another, the road leads to the Blue Mountains in the distance.

This had been my dream destination since childhood and I had imagined, painted and written stories about living in such a locale. Part of this dream (the Blue Mountains) came true during the six-month-long stay in Temi. The hills that form the South Sikkim belt changes their pattern, height, colour and even texture with the changing moods of the clouds and mist that often creates barriers between us. This was pretty amusing especially when you are living in a town that does not offer much variation in your life.
If you had the patience you could actually see the rains pour down from the grey clouds in the distance during monsoon, from the balconies of the homestays that are beads around the Estate. The greenery around, the mountains, the forests & the Estate literally suck away the pollution that gets formed at the town-centres elsewhere, (literally, a km or a little more in circumference).

If you are a momo lover, you will not complain if you are here. The Estate is all about glory with its ivy Tea to boast and the bliss it offers with eyes and hearts yearning for mote & more.

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