Temi Autumn Carnival 2019

Upon the autumn cherry blossom tree
I see the winged bee
Upon the waves of pink & white
I can’t but help love the Site
The blossom so petite
The cherry blossom u can’t defeat
Upon the tree so high
The dawn finally draws nigh
The wind stirs with magnificent air
Making a sound I wouldn’t dare
So delicate so serene
Chaos could never be seen
But what the beauty outside can tell
The brIghtness within rings the bell

The Temi Autumn Gong …

To experience the garden in its full glory, this annual calendar brings in people from all over the country and the world. In the list with other big festivals in the country like Pushkar, Sunburn, and Ziro music festivals, the carnival is full of activities; has something for everyone. Conceptualized by the Managing Director, Mrinalini Srivastava the festival is aimed at promoting Temi Tea Estate as a potential tourism hub. The festival is a major draw for countless nature lovers to witness the cherry blossoms in Autumn’s full bloom. Adventure activities, photography competitions, tug of wars and cultural programs too are an integral part of this annual fiesta leaving all adventure buffs and cultural fans delighted in its wonderful memories to carry back.

The vast blue ranges dotted against the cherry blossoms during this time of year at Temi makes a different world- besides being an enduring metaphor for the ephemeral nature of living by the day
What when the world concurs that you weigh more or equal to your fill in kindness,
What when green leaves turn crimson at your blushes-
What when the garden-rain brings in chirps of the wasps who befriended the sweetest bird with a broken leg…..
We do cry out with
Come one come all –
Make this your life event for years to come

The Autumn Festival at Temi is not only about the blooming of the blossoms that makes the dainty garden even more enchanting. It is a celebration of the culture and traditions of our people.

We welcome you – Mark the dates

Tea Preparation Guidelines

Tea preparation is a personal event, and carries with it tradition and history. It is unique to each person’s preferences. For tea newbies and those seeking a truly immersive experience, we have outlined the basics to assist you in brewing the ultimate cup.


Always use fresh cold water to prepare tea. Purified and spring water are best because they are relatively free from pollutants, which will negatively affect the tea’s taste while still possessing natural mineral content, which will enhance the tea’s flavor. Distilled water should be avoided since the lack of minerals may leave the tea tasting flat.

Bring water to full, steady boil before preparing the tea. At this point, the water is sufficiently heated and has a good oxygen content. In contrast, using water that has been held at a fierce, rolling boil can leave tea tasting dull and flat. Pre-heated water from the faucet has mostly likely been overheated, losing oxygen content while picking up potentially harmful substances from the water pipes.


To prepare a green or white tea, allow the hot water to rest for 3-5 minutes before pouring. This will bring the water down to an ideal temperature: between 150-160 for Green Tea and 180-190 for White Tea. Because of its more delicate processing, green and white teas need a cooler temperature to bring out their flavor without denaturing the leaves. Red and black teas, which are hardier and have been fully oxidized, need much hotter water to bring out their characteristic baked sweetness. They can be added to water immediately after boiling.

Duration of Infusion

Similar to water temperature, different kinds of tea need to brewed for different lengths of time. Green Tea needs to be brewed for 2-4 minutes to achieve full flavor without bitterness. White Tea should be steeped for 4-6 minutes, as the leaves are less processed and require more time to infuse. Black and Red Teas can be steeped for 4-7 minutes to achieve maximum flavor. We recommend sampling a variety of steeping times to see which is your favorite!

Teapot Material

If using a teapot to serve the tea, the material of the teapot will affect the quality of the infusion. Consider the variety of tea and the temperature at which it is best prepared. Metals like iron or Chinese yixing ware are great at retaining heat, making them more suitable for teas that steep at higher temperatures, like Black or Red Teas. Glass or porcelain are more likely to release heat, making them better suited for a Green or White Tea.

General Guidelines

  1. Bring cold water to a boil in a kettle
  2. When water is at a gentle boil, remove heat.
  3. Pour hot water into teapot or teacups and then discard.  Pre-warming guarantees a consistent temperature.
  4. Add the proper amount of tea leaves or tea bags per person to the pot, or your mug.
  5. Allow water to cool to the proper temperature, if necessary, and pour over the tea leaves or bags.
  6. Steep for the proper length of time.
  7. Strain completely into another teapot or directly into the serving cups or remove tea bags from teapot or mug at this point.

Temi Fusing Flavours – Another Fusion Tale of Seers from Temi

Smile & Twinkle

Kiwi Guava Apple and Orange

The bliss hill they call the Temi Blorange …
Temi forays into the novel, heedful & venturous craft of blending tea with the addendum to its plate of multiplying surprises.

Kiwi, Guava, Apple & Orange ….
The great poet Douglas of yesteryears reminds us of a pied piper of a never-forgotten era of rolled up fusion

How deftly does the gardener blend
This rose and that
To bud a new creation,
More gorgeous and more beautiful
Than any parent portion,
And so,I trace within my warring blood
The tributary sources,
They potently commingle
And sweep With new-born forces!

Smile & Twinkle, Smile & Twinkle ….”

The story at Temi has a chapter added to it with precision & passion. Tea leaves that are lovingly and carefully handpicked, are harvested with the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure their separate flavours come through…. hear this out …. fact about tea that lends itself to the numerous options we have available is this: tea absorbs the flavour of almost anything. And tea blending is a common process that is used to keep our taste buds guessing at new flavours, and ensure we can recognize the old ones.

Tea blending was originally intended to mask inconsistencies in the flavour of batches of tea.

The story at Temi is startlingly different.

As the flavour of the final tea is so dependent elsewhere on the growing conditions of the plant, a batch of tea made from leaves picked on a sunny day can taste entirely different from a batch of tea made with leaves picked on a rainy day. Season to season, day to day, any changes in the climate or handling can result in big changes to flavour, and producers don’t want that. They want a tea that their customers can easily recognize, tea that is consistent in taste, colour and quality. So they turned to blend ….

Ah blending at Temi has its own original yarn – it’s like beading one rose with another the mole hills do become the mountains as it becomes a discovery with Temi Tea with its own originality maintaining its unique “Flag of Resurrection”.

Most people, when they hear of “tea blending,” assume that it is done to create flavoured teas like Chocolate Mint, or Apple Spice. Blending is where flavoured teas come from, but many a connoisseur fail to realise that the majority of black tea is also blended. To ensure that their teas will be consistent many producers mix a variety of black teas together, it helps to even out the taste and makes the tea more reliable.

At Temi the blending of Kiwi, Apple Guava & Orange are done by hand. It’s mixed in with the drying leaves.When tea at Temi is hand blended it results in beautiful creations of an unique flavour – reminds us of a Rose getting beaded to another rose while nature is garlanded with myriad experiences that’s futuristic perennial ….

Enjoy our new blends from Temi thus & we salute the distinct identity that always remains as a hall mark.

My ode while I sign off

The vast blue ranges dotted against the cherry blossoms during this time of year at Temi makes a different world- besides being an enduring metaphor for the ephemeral nature of living by the day

What when the world concurs that you weigh more or equal to your fill in kindness,
What when green leaves turn crimson at your blushes-

What when the garden-rain brings in chirps of the wasps who befriended the sweetest bird with a broken leg…..
We do cry out with Beatles “A day in the life” then ?

The Organic World Congress (OWC) & Temi

The 19th Organic World Congress 2017 with its august presence & the interesting hullaballoo it raised discussed a few topics of utmost interest & future voyeurism. The congregation did attract a mix of personalities from the higher echelon. I could see & felt pride with the Chief Minister of Sikkim adorning the diocese & then we had the heads including the MD of Temi & tea experts across the world painting the congress-canvas proud.
My bread & butter is bought from the shops of progressional Governance & my profession takes me to far off kingdoms I always consider my own. Temi Tea is one such kingdom that will devour you with the experiences of life to the lees.

The garden spread across the shivalik range brings to you chants from heaven. The produce is organic since the gardens first produced the clonal way back 40 years ago.

The majesty & the majestic aura surrounding the Tea Estate would fill you imaginations & vision leading to blissful chaos of the human senses….
I take pride in being part of the watershed activities the tea estate has witnessed of late.

I take pride in being part of the local tribe & the tea pluckers who will bring joy to you in spheres that are unbounded.

Temi Tea Estate has a pedestal which is innovation oriented. It expects & promises ongoing improvements by the operators. It foresees system changes so that more diversity in organic assurance is normal.
It asks for fairness and empowerment of the weakest and it advocates for true pricing.

The paradigm shift from Organic 2.0 to Organic 3.0 is a change in the culture of the movement and addresses the attitudes of the stakeholders. This was the larger discussion that held people’s attention at the world congress held last week in Delhi.

temi tea participation in Organic World Congress 2017

Temi promises a reform of structures and institutions by all stakeholders and it requires new strategic foci of messaging. It needs the works support to come across as the best estate with all elements the world over
The results of the OWC 2017 main track discussions need a synthesis and guidance on actions to turn this concept into reality.

I & Temi would run for a consensus that we get a synthesis on the main track results in order to facilitate the concerted take home messages for all OWC participants & Temi would be in the vanguard of all activities to boot.
God was kind enough to gift Temi the best of the mundane & heavenly surroundings – to complement & rule the principles of optimization I have seen the baton holders with the managing director of the Tea estate take the main lead —striving to achieve the intents bone to bone.

Thus Temi in the current scenario will try to achieve the overall goal to contribute to solving problems and exploring potentials in order to increase effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of organic farming.

Regularly highlight outstanding innovations and to incentivize organic innovations among researchers, extension agents and practitioners would be a mainstay going forward.

Temi boastingly qualifies on the following criterion fulfillment:

Innovative: are new in their context
Applicability: are applicable to organic farming, processing and trade
Relevant: are relevant for solving real problems or exploring new potentials
Impact potential: have the potential to have a great impact.

For the common pairs of eyes of the larger gathering you would be missing on a pearl if you do not visit the tea estate at least once in your life time. God bless Temi Tea Estate – Way to go.