Temi Autumn Carnival 2019

Upon the autumn cherry blossom tree
I see the winged bee
Upon the waves of pink & white
I can’t but help love the Site
The blossom so petite
The cherry blossom u can’t defeat
Upon the tree so high
The dawn finally draws nigh
The wind stirs with magnificent air
Making a sound I wouldn’t dare
So delicate so serene
Chaos could never be seen
But what the beauty outside can tell
The brIghtness within rings the bell

The Temi Autumn Gong …

To experience the garden in its full glory, this annual calendar brings in people from all over the country and the world. In the list with other big festivals in the country like Pushkar, Sunburn, and Ziro music festivals, the carnival is full of activities; has something for everyone. Conceptualized by the Managing Director, Mrinalini Srivastava the festival is aimed at promoting Temi Tea Estate as a potential tourism hub. The festival is a major draw for countless nature lovers to witness the cherry blossoms in Autumn’s full bloom. Adventure activities, photography competitions, tug of wars and cultural programs too are an integral part of this annual fiesta leaving all adventure buffs and cultural fans delighted in its wonderful memories to carry back.

The vast blue ranges dotted against the cherry blossoms during this time of year at Temi makes a different world- besides being an enduring metaphor for the ephemeral nature of living by the day
What when the world concurs that you weigh more or equal to your fill in kindness,
What when green leaves turn crimson at your blushes-
What when the garden-rain brings in chirps of the wasps who befriended the sweetest bird with a broken leg…..
We do cry out with
Come one come all –
Make this your life event for years to come

The Autumn Festival at Temi is not only about the blooming of the blossoms that makes the dainty garden even more enchanting. It is a celebration of the culture and traditions of our people.

We welcome you – Mark the dates